If you are not sure how to mint we created a page dedicated to helping everyone out to mint.

Grown and Kept in the Ethereum Blockchain


About Cipher trees

Upon examining the Ethereum blockchain, we discovered something unusual. Spores started to grow everywhere at an unexpected rate without any explanation. The Cipher Garden Society entered the unknown and took samples of all the spores for further testing.

We found that radiation was happening in the blockchain with all the different NFT’s that calls it home and with this, the magical spores evolved into a living organism that could be extracted and planted. We now sit with thousands of different seeds, each being very unique and different in its own way.

This is YOUR chance to start building your garden as we launch the first seeds that were discovered. This is YOUR chance to own a tree that will live forever!

NFT Rarity

What seed will you get?

Our team

Gerrie Grobler

Visual Communicator and Social Media Manager
I am a Designer from South-Africa, I believe that art can change the world one stroke at a time. Some of my hobbies include Bonsai, Gaming and drawing.
This is me

Ruhann Roodt

Visual Communicator and UI/UX designer
I am an crypto enthusiast with a passion for digital art. I believe everyone has a purpose and deserves to be heard and ready to help those in need!
This is me

Road map

1 Build Community
Build a community

We want to build a sustainable community on all social media platforms and gather VIP's that can be added to the whitelist for pre-access for the minting (100 spots)

2 Minting
It's Minting time!

This is the part where all our whitelisted VIP's will have the chance to mint a "seed" in Polygon, we will take you through the whole process and help you be the first to own a seed.

3 Minting Round 2
Let's all get a Cipher tree!

This is where we will be minting to the rest of the public, giving everyone to own a seed. 

4 Give always
Free stuff!

Building relationships by giving away seeds for people that participate in competitions and other artists.

5 Keep promoting

Sell out all the remainder of the Cipher trees with normal price

Discover a new line of Cipher Trees


I think we discovered a new specimen

7 Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health NPO

We feel very strongly about people with mental health issues and we want to give back by starting or donating to NGO's.

7 Let's Go!!
Maintain relationships and start a brand

We are not a fly by night project and want to maintain and build the relationships we have. Evolving into a strong brand that gives identity and character